Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Two new armies arrive at the field of battle

For the past week or so I have been working on a set of long over-due fantasy armies in 6mm, for mass battles. I got the Mayhem rules a few weeks back, and promptly decided it was time to move my 6mm microworld models up the queue list!

The first army I built, and really the reason for ordering 6mm fantasy in the first place, was a Lizardmen army:

All great warhosts need an opponent, so I painted up some worshippers of dark and detestable gods, known to most as the "Dark men":

With this painting project finished, I can now turn my attention back to sci-fi! With a rekindled interest in bigger battles than my 15mm projects normally allow, I'm contemplating yet another sci-fi project..

Hope you've liked it!    



  1. Been buying some 6mm scifi from various places. There's some really impressive stuff out there.

    1. There really is, the smaller scales have a lot of hidden gems!

  2. For sure. I do some skirmishing in 6mm (inspired by the Angel Barracks guy) but I've been dissatisfied with the 6mm scifi rules out there.

    I suppose I could write my own ....