Monday, 20 October 2014

The CSA readies for deployment

After endless agonizing about paint-schemes, I have finally finished the first elements of my first 3mm sci-fi force, the CSA.

The Core System Alliance, CSA for short, is a military alliance between some of the major nations of Terra, along with the first established Colonial nations of Luna, Mars, Venus and Jupiter. The CSA employs volountary recruits, and due to severe over-population most drafts are from Earth.

Established in A.D 2211, the CSA was formed in mutual defence of its member nations, due to rising tensions on Earth. Forming out of the earlier pacific Sino-American Alliance, the CSA has grown to encompass most of the western world, from China and Japan to the west, to England and France to the east. The Scandinavian countries and Germany, along with Poland are some of the last to join on terra.     

 During the first settlement, many of the colonies were established by either the CSA or it's main opponent, the Solar Bloc, SB for short. This way the colonies turned into  proxies for the two giant opponents, moving their conflict into space.

 The Solar Bloc mainly consist of Central Asian states, along with a few of the eastern european countries, most notable among them is the great kingdom of Romania-Hungary.
With Russia being largely uninhabitable due to the actions of the SAA during the war for Mars (a.d 2180-2195), many of the former soviet states have rallied behind Romania-Hungary.
  Many of the smaller colonial nations as well as poorer ones on terra, have joined the Solar Bloc, dissaffected by the authoritarianism of the CSA. 

Part of a Company of the CSA. HQ in the middle, 4 mechanized platoons of infantry and 2 platoons of MBT's.  

Company HQ, giving orders from their C&C APC. 

The grunts, 4 platoons of mechanized infantry, each transported by an "Alligator" APC, carrying a platoon each. Every platoon have a smart missile operator and assault rifles. 

The main workhorse of the CSA, The Cavalier MBT. Armed with a 110mm Hard-beam cannon, as well as Heavy coax machineguns, this tank is often used to punch a hole through enemy formations.

These are the first members of the Company, more tanks and APCs, as well as some air support and transport will be showing up in due time. So will their enemy, the Solar Bloc's forces as well.

I hope you've liked it!


  1. They look good to me! And I like your background - as it's in the future, should that be fore ground? :) Its different from the 'normal' near-future stuff I've seen and is very intriguing! What rules do you intend to use with the 3mm figures?

    1. Thanks! It might be that we should call it foreground ;p
      I'm most likely going to use Future War Commander for the rules.