Friday, 5 September 2014

The fringe seems to have an inexhaustible supply of villians and heroes..

I've found that my lead-pile has an ability to suddenly grow whenever I get into a new project, and Five Parsecs From Home and really, Space Opera in general, have done little to slow the growth.
If anything, they have actually made it grow faster..

Since there can't possibly be too many adventurers, would-be millionaires and other luck-seekers on the fringe, here is a bunch more!:

A by now compulsory Group shot..

Ya'ni is a strange one. He (or is it she, or even it?) is a sort of alien/plant hybrid, a rare sight, even in the multi-galactic smelting-pot that is the fringe. Having decided that a life of adventure is preferable to the boredom Ya'ni felt on it's homeworld, he has now set out to see the sight in the wast galaxy.

Who knows, maybe he will return to Gomorra VI one day, a wealthier or at least, wiser creature than he left..

 Thaddeus is one of many who find themselves on the fringe because it's one of the few places no-one can be bothered to look for him. A wanted man on many a civilized world, Thaddeus, more commonly known by the alias "Tentaclees" has managed to evade the law so far. Originally from the Cthuul homeworld of Marsh's World, in the Devil's Reef cluster, Thaddeus was picked for military duty early on because of his prodigious size and strength. After completing his years of duty, he spent a lot of time fighting in less than legal blood-sports around the inner planets, this is where he earned the nickname "Tentaclees the yielding".
 As it happens, a member of a Royal house on Mars was killed in a duel, and the lawmen didn't seem to care that is was actually a lawful duel, in accordance with ancient customs. He's been running ever since..    

Gina is a curious character: born into a fairly wealthy family of mechants, she chose the more dangerous career of the Galactic Marines. After several years in service, she stumbled on a alien artifact on an unmarked planet during a patrol mission. This would change her life. The artifact was a old recording, made by a species so old they are all but forgotten, and it showed Gina things. Things she doesn't share with anyone. Wonderous and terrible things.
Knowing she had to track the rest of these artifacts down, and learn the purpose of the mysterious machine the record spoke of. She turned in her resignation, and turned full-time relic hunter. Now she's arrived at the fringe, ready to uncover it's ancient mysteries..  

Unity subject No.9 is an escaped experiment, for lack of a better descriptor. Grown in a clone vat and enhanced with alien DNA as well as biotek and cybernetics, No9 is a deadly warrior. But they made him too good, and yearning for somthing other that endless tests and trials, he broke out. There were no survivors. Yet he doesn't know where to go, what to do, with his new-found freedom.. Having never been outside, or on his own, he snuck aboard a transit shuttle in the local spaceport after escaping the lab. Soon he found himself on the fringe, a lawless, chaotic place, but it was well suited to his talents. If you put out the word that you are looking for "Nine", and you are very lucky( and very rich), you might just be able to hire him..

Duke is a friend of Mr Smith, who through the calling in of a favor, would end up with Captain Aldous Black and his crew, we know them as the "Adventurers". 
Duke is a former soldier turned bounty hunter, he spent time in the employ of a local army on Titan, and fought in the sececcion wars. When the dust died down, preciously few of his friends and brothers-in-arms were left, so he left. 
Having few skills besides what he learned on Titan, enforcement or bounty hunting seemed like natural choices for both Duke and Smith, and so they begand their current careers.
A master marksman, Duke will be a welcome addition to the small outfit, giving much needed aid in a time of need. He does, however refuse to divulge exactly what made him Owe Smith in the first place.. 
These are of course just a drop in the ocean of possible encounters for our heroes, and more are sure to follow..

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