Saturday, 13 September 2014

Pilots, satellites and more

A small update today, since I'm still working on more terrain and some shelters from Mad Mecha Guy.

This is what I've actually finished so far:

A satellite dish from CMG, useful for all types of sci-fi..

 This little scrapper is a Malig Pilot, one of the Ion Age free mini's of the month from a few months back. I think he might turn up as a villian, or possibly even a hero in upcoming campaign turns for FPFH!

I have also finally finished some more fantasy models, I'll start with the Baron's Men, a force for SoBH I started on this summer. They kept being pushed back on the lite of priorities, but with upcoming dungeoncrawls they finally made the cut!

 The full group minus the champion.

Sir Quentyn, the baron himself. A warrior of great skill and ruler loved by his subjects, the baron often leads the attack against his foes, much to the dismay of his councillors.

Thym is the Court wizard, and as such, he is the highest authority on magic and the mystical in the barony. His spells and potions is a boon to Sir Quentyn's people. But as a magican, he is often kept at an arms lenght by the commoners, feared for his mystical powers.

The Champion is a stout warrior, he is the one that leads in the baron's stead when he can be dissuaded from doing so himself.

Carrying the standard of his lord is a high honor, and Guy is the man upon which the honor, as well as the responsibility rests.  

As personal armsman as well as arms-master, Lem both teaches the art of war to new guard recruits and defends his liege lord with his life.

 Yrrik is a Bowman of unsurpassed skill in the barony, owing to his peace-time job as a huntsmaster. Leading the barons hunting parties in times of peace and woodland scouts in times of war, falls to him.

That was all for now, but keep an eye out for orcs, the greenskins have been seen raiding on the borders of the barony and they might show up here in due time..
My laserburn Imperials should hopefully have it's first two squads painted up before long, and their battle-taxis and tanks are on the way from across the pond as we speak.

More on both these events as they unfold...

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