Friday, 6 June 2014

Civilians and some mysterious forces approach the world of PMR-21

I managed to get around to paint up the civilians I got from Michael over at Angel Barracks.

It's a nice bunch, clean sculpts with good variation!

So here they are:

                                                              The entire group

 A Corporate VIP, most likely an objective in the form of a hostage, or somebody to push around..
                                            A surveyor, out looking for the next worksite
 Two treasure hunters, searching for the next big one. maybe they'll find that Alien artifact this time?
 The miners, poor workers shipped in by the crate-full from nearby systems to do the back-breaking labour in the mines.
 Fearing nothing but bad cover-ups, this stout-hearted war reporter will send frequent updates from the frontlines of the ongoing conflict!
Last but not least, the Warg Industries have brought in a surveyor of their own. They need someone they can trust..

I do actually have another small update;

I have finished a platoon of the Brigade PA:

This is the first platoon of the mysterious Nomads, called the Bloodmist. They are currently en route to PMR-21 in their own space barge, their mission unknown. A spaceship that isn't owned by the huge Interstellar Transport Corp is virtually unheard of, and they are bound to make a splash when they arrive..

That's all for now, hope you like it!

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