Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Galactic Marines get ready to repel The Legion!

Even though I mostly like my sci-fi hard and gritty, I have to admit that I do like a bit of Space Opera ever so often. Growing up watching Star Wars, Star Trek and others of it's ilk, I think I will always love it, and so I got motivated to paint up some more of my models from the Ion Age 15mm range.

First, the good guys, The Galactic Marines, defenders of the worlds of man:

                                    A Platoon's worth of Marines, with some vehicle support.

                                  The command squad here in the middle, led by Lady Gallaine.

Some of the heavy power-armored infantry that I forgot to get into the Group-shot, with a standard marine for size-comparison.   

A battlesuit usually accompaines a marine platoon, giving them some extra firepower, and looking bad-ass to boot!

Lastly, we have one jet-powered armored transport, capable of carrying a single fire-team of marines into combat. It also carries a chin-mounted gatling-gun and a rocket pod to lend aid to the marines.
The latest threat to face these defenders of peace in the known space, The Legion has recently started appearing in the fringes of human space, attacking frontier worlds. They seldom leave much behind, exept burnt and pillaged remains.
A typical group of the Legion, led by a captain, they often imbed a brute in powered armor when they need to crack harder targets. 

The Captain, leader of this particular band of legionnaires. The invaders seem to have a harshly enforced chain of command, the legionnaires will follow the captains orders without question.

While these Power-armored adversaries dont have a known name, they are often referred to as brutes because of their mannerism on the field of battle, or sometimes bulls, because of the look of the skull mask they wear.

The Legionnaires themselves are the most numerous of the Legion, when they raid colonies on the frontier worlds they come by the thousands. This particular group only has 5. Have they lost a good few of their number, or are these warriors special? For the moment, who can tell?
For now, I paint them because I like the models, but these two forces, along with some old laserburn models and assorted others will hopefully be used to play a Space Opera twist of Pulp Alley some day.    
Hope you have enjoyed them!


  1. Hello Alexander,

    This is a great and detailed posting of your Ion Age collection. I like the uniforms on the Retained, Skylark and Havelock plus the greens on the Khanate. Good choices.

    Would you like me to feature your blog and work on the Ion Age blog?


    1. Hello Gavin,

      Thank you for the Words of encouragement!

      If you like to repost or link any of my work on your blog you are more than welcome to do so, I love the work you guys are doing!

    2. My pleasure Alexander. Thanks. I will put a posting about your work on the Ion Age blog soon. GBS

  2. Excellent! The color scheme reminds me of Ultra Marines, but of course everyone knows that Space Knights are infinitely superior!