Sunday, 7 June 2015

Something to fight over pt. 2

While I pondered what color scheme I'd like for my next set of minis, I built some more terrain, and finished up a few more pieces as well!

 The group shot.

An attempt at a shield generator, inspired by the one on Hoth in the beginning of Ep V. I think it came out all-right, and it should fit both my 6mm and 3mm forces.

Here we have the same piece with a 3mm Solar Bloc MBT for scale.

Ready to be set up on any world were profit can be made, these force field-protected structures can be used as banks like on Kometenmelodie, or any number of other business. Might even work as a gated home to some of the more security-concerned citizens of the colonies..

The OKI BOSS, biggest and baddest of the OKI corporations pre-fab colony structures. I think I might use it as a town hall or even a bar of some sort.

I also finished up the remaining 3 of my initial 6 Brigade re-paints. These first ones came out well enough that I'll be doing the same to the rest of my collection of the buildings.

 A small factory with an adjacent building, maybe the foremans office? Maybe just a shed..

Another commercial building with a window to display wares. Could also be a local guild office or somesuch.

Finally, a laboratory. What you see on the ground is only the tip of this facility, as it burrows deep into the ground, where experimentation can take place without prying eyes.

That's all I have for now, but a pico armor update will be comming soon and hopefully some first WiP shots of my latest 6mm force.

Til next time!


  1. Love the shield generator, looks great, good job :-)

    1. Thanks, it's a simple but quite useful piece!