Friday, 12 June 2015

Pico reinforcements galore and a WiP

Last week my order from Pico Armor arrived, and no time was wasted looking over the new toys.
 Since I finally had enough models to properly re-inforce most of my 3mm forces I immediately got started.

First we have the faction in most need of reinforcing, the Outer Colonies:

Group shot.

OC commanders mounted in the M52 C&C apcs.

Better close-up of the supreme commander, their command apc marked with grey.

The M92 self-propelled artillery. Like most of their equipment the M92 is part of the older series of weapons platforms coming out of the factories of earth and almost always sold to them through the black market.

An infantry unit in full combat gear, along with a M57 apc. The OC infantry is very similar in equipment and training to the CSA, due to the number of defectors in the colonies that joined them and that most of their weapons and training before rebelling came from the CSA.

Finally, the last reinforcement is a pair of M59 AA vehicles. Based on the same chassis as the M57 apc and M52 command vehicle, the M59 has a flakcannon and each carry a number of smart missiles as well.

Obviously the CSA and Solar Bloc wouldn't go with out some additions of their own:

A rare sight, CSA and Solar Bloc troops so close but not trying to kill each other!

The Squire armored recon vehicle. Due to the increased need for a recon unit on the battlefield rather than the orbital units commonly employed by the CSA, these armored cars are deploying more and more frequently. Being able to act both as scouts and frontline observers, they can call in support and enemy positions wherever needed.

The Hammer MRL. Often used in combination with the Squire when orbital bombardment isn't a viable option, the Hammer delivers a range of different warheads ranging from smoke screens to bunker-busters.

A better group shot of the Solar Bloc additions, including the AA-asset I forgot in the first pic.

AD-1, also known as the Steel rain is the latest of the Solar Bloc's dedicated AA units. Based on a older chassis, the AD-1 is equipped with an array of sensors to pick up incoming threats and a combo of rapid-fire autocannons and smart missile systems to deal with most airborne threats.

With an increased reliance on artillery and atmospheric strike crafts, the Solar bloc have started to retrofit some of their C&C apcs to serve as FAO/FAC vehicles. This is mostly due to the rising numbers of their armored scout cars lost in action. High command has decreed that increased armor and weapons capability will reduce loss of equipment by at least 20%.

Finally the Solar Bloc's command presence has been reinforced to include 2 junior commanders, to better control the flow of orders from central command to the frontlines.

I also promised a WiP had here it is:

A unit commander and trooper, from DRM. I'm assembling this army to act as the opponent to the Brigade Mercs that I'm going to aquire. I have been eyeing the SAC models from brigade as well, so we'll see what shows up in the future.

That was all I had to share with you today, a few more 3mm terrain pieces are being prepared and to date 6 full units of the above 6mm infantry is painted, just awaiting bases.

I hope you have enjoyed it!
Til next time!


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