Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Terrain update

Inbetween working on my undead army for mayhem, I managed to get some 6mm work done too!

Some of these pieces will have featured in the last post, my first FiveCore Company Command game.

Inspired to play some more with my 6mm sci-fi toys, I wanted to make a spaceport, as well as some tiles representing spaceships so that I could play boarding actions. The spaceport and ship-tiles are being worked out, but meanwhile I did some interior designing. (lot's of the ideas thanks to the blog Planet Ares 6)

A set of computer terminals. 

Concrete pillars. Good cover and a general space filler. 

A few rows of lockers, so there's something to store things in (and loot of course!). 

Server banks, I'm not too happy with these ones, but they'll have to do untill I come up with something better.
The last pieces of interior terrain is a Vid Booth, when you need something stronger than your personal transmitter to get through to someone and a Vending machine.  

These next few ones was featured in the FC:CC AAR:

 10 different pieces of rocky bits, could represent natural rock or maybe part of an Alien ruin?

Reactor 7 was the focus of the fighting in the last post. Designed to function as a local fusion reactor on new colonies, these reactors are a common enough sight on worlds held by both CSA and the Solar Bloc.

That's all the updates for now, my 6mm undead army has all but 1 stand completed and I have a few sets of 6mm sci-fi characters and villians that will be uploaded soon, along with more terrain as it is finished.

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  1. Looks like a tool kit for building your own gaming table :-)