Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Unruly neighbors

Most people wouldn't be happy if a group of Orcs moved in next door, and the Baron is like most men..

One day the scouts returned with news that a band of Orcs had decided to make an abandoned temple their new dwelling. Not too keen on letting them get setteled, the Baron Went with his scouts to see for himself, and to formulate a plan of attack.

This was the ugly mugs that greeted him:

A fearsome lot indeed. How will the Baron tackle this, will he go out and face them, or maybe hire some professionals to deal with them? The only thing that is certain is that there will be blood..

 These poor Orcs were finished several weeks ago and have been sitting around waiting for me to upload them.
 Now that I finally managed to, I'll try and finish up my adventurers for the ever-elusive dungeoncrawl I've been planning since this summer. That is, if I can focus long enough and not paint more 3 and 15mm sci-fi for various other projects!

Hope you've liked them!

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