Monday, 24 November 2014

The Solar Bloc is on the warpath

Updates in 3mm today, the first of my Solar Bloc forces have been finished!

 The Solar bloc was officially formed in A.D 2200, five years into the aftermath of the Martian war between the SAA and Russia with it's allies. Large parts of Russia became uninhabitable as the SSA launched chemical and nuclear strikes towards the end of the conflict.
 A number of big cities in the SSA was hit as well, making the whole of Osaka as well as parts of Beijing and Washington D.C into radioactive rubble. 

 Fearing military retaliations for their part in the war and envious of the power and wealth of the western powers, the states of Hungary and Romania formed the great kingdom of Romania-Hungary.
 This of course turned them into the economic and military center of the former Russian allies, and it wouldn't be long before the Solar Bloc was formed, to protect the interests of it's member states.

 It didn't take long for the rest of Europe and the SAA to feel once again the threat of war, but the peace treaty signed by both sides, the reykjavik treaty, forbade any open military conflict on the planet.
 So for the moment only small-scale sabotage and intelligence ops were run by both sides, deniable assets were used to try and gain the upper hand on the other party.

Tensions were rising however.

 In 2211, after 2 years of increased small-scale terror attacks, the CSA was formed, to more effectively combat the increasing threat from the Solar Bloc.
 This is when the Proxy wars began. Since they couldn't fight on Terra, they took the fight to the stars.

The Solar Bloc Forces are very infantry heavy, due to the huge population at their disposal, as well as general conscription being issued every time the conflict flares up somewhere.

A Solar Bloc Company, with its own scouting element, armored support and CAS. 

Red Command, the overall force commander, mounted with his advisors in a C&C APC. 

The Scouts consist of 2 patrols of 4x4 armored patrol cars. they are primarily used for scouting enemy movements, but they can also call in artillery and air-support for the force when needed.  

Soldiers of the Solar Bloc is almost always  mechanized, each platoon of riflemen have either attached machinegunners or anti-tank operators from the Heavy weapons platoons. A standard infantry company in the Bloc is usually 500 men, divided into 6 rifle-platoons, 2 Heavy platoons and command.

Armored Support most often come in the form of the AT22, a state of the art MBT. 
Usually armed with chemical propellant rounds, recent upgrade packages have started to convert small numbers over to  hardbeam weaponry.

 The go-to for CAS as well as air-patrols, the Hawk VTOL is a workhorse of the Solar Bloc.
Armed with a 50mm cannon and able to carry various ordinance packages, the Hawk can combat almost any threat.
That's the first elements of the Solar Bloc, as soon as I get some more terrain together there will be a clash between these superpowers!
Since I can never work on only one thing at any one time, I also have a Workbench shot for you!
These are the 3mm models currently waiting for paint:

    There are a few more APCs and a powerarmour platoon for the CSA, but the rest are for a third force that I'm currently working on.
 All the models for this WiP faction are Germy's 2mm models from GZG, I thought I'd start small, but these cartoony-looking little warmachines are growing on me, so there will most likely be at least a company of  these guys as well, ground support, tanks. All the bells and whistles.

That's it for now, hope you've enjoyed it!


  1. Replies
    1. I did, and I love the style of his 2mm stuff! I just finished painting some tonight, but I'm still waiting on bases for them. But at least I now know what to buy on the GZG christmas sale.. all the things Germy made I believe it was..

  2. I love Germy's stuff and I have a bunch of it, but most of it is unfortunately too cartoony to combine well with O8. Those hoppers are a sterling exception, however. I have a wing of those as a light attack element for my Tan Army.