Sunday, 6 July 2014

Hab domes have arrived

Long time ago, when the hab domes from the Ion Age was originally released I got a few of them, so that my troops would hae something to fight over (and hide behind when necessary).

It took me quite a while, but with my recently reawakened focus on space opera, I did manage to finish them over the weekend.

And here they are:

 I decided to go with a inverted version of the paint scheme I use for my Galactic Marines, since I really liked the studio paint job from Gavin and the boys over at the Ion Age. While their scheme was a white with red to break it up, I decided to use blue since it matches better. 

 An recently finished Adder combat car and my Galactic Knights stand in for a scale reference, they will have a post of their own with some more pics: Link.

That was all the habs I had to share, hope you liked them!

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