Thursday, 10 May 2018

More mechs for Lyrans and Mercs and a bit of WiP

I've been trying to get some more hobby time in with limited success, but at least I managed to finish up a few more Battlemechs and I got started on a new GSR project as well.

I picked up these Robotech tactics models as they are what is known as the "unseen" in Battletech, being the original mech models for certain designs. This trio belong to my Lyran Guard company.

Longbow mech. A long range artillery/fire support mech.

 Archer heavy mech. Like the Longbow, the Archer carries a lot of long range missiles, I used some spare parts to make the lasers attached to the lower arms of the mech.

Lastly a Rifleman. Usually carrying a pair of lasers and autocannons in each arm, these mechs usually provide direct fire support or work as snipers with the an alternate 2 Ac/2's in each arm.

My Merc company also got a few new mechs, bringing them to a full company like the Lyrans. Both companies are quite high-tonnage, but I'll probably add more lighter mechs to both sides with my next order or reinforcements.

A Merc Archer. It's identical to the Lyran one with the exeption of the open missile bay doors.


Both the Rifleman and Longbow is also identical to their counterparts in the Guard.

The last pair of mechs is the iconic Warhammer. I gave both to the Mercs because the Lyrans already have the two SWS Krieghammer versions of the Warhammer. This is one of my favorite mech designs.

I have played a few 2 vs 2 fights using CBT rules, but given the time investment I will probably only use the original rules for engagements of 2-4 mechs per side. Even those matches can last 3 hours or so. I've been meaning to try out Alpha Strike for full company (12 vs 12) engagements and will hopefully get around to it.

I've managed to pick up a side project to getting the Battlemechs of the 31st century ready for battle, but it's not too dissimilar.

This is the lower half of a giant stompy robot I've started working on. A handfull more are being planned, as is some large monstrosities for them to fight when they aren't pummeling each other.

I'll share more as I manage to complete it!

Til next time!


  1. Great stuff Alexander, look forward to seeing more of your sculpting, are you using Fimo?

    1. Cheers Darryl!I'm using super sculpey, it's similar to fimo though.

  2. These look fantastic, excellent work!