Sunday, 25 June 2017

A few bits of terrain, some mechs and the return of Starport Scum

Before I can get on with the 4th part of the battle for Hooke's World I needed to finish up a few pieces I thought I would need. As it turned out, they won't be needed just yet, as the NIJA managed to beat back the USS attackers last game.

Still, here they are:

The northern mines, or at least 3 of them, holding the precious resources currently fought over.

I also managed to put together something I should have some time ago, a station for my train:

The tracks run into a set of tunnels, since I haven't got enough track to cover the table end to end. It was a quick solution to keep the track from just running out in some random location untill I order more from AB.

The roof is as you can see, removable, in case somebody wants to hide in the ticket office. It also help making the piece a bit user friendly during games, cutting down on guesswork when measuring range etc.

The last of the terrain pieces is the missile command bunker, a huge structure from Sayiner Micro Toys.

A site of possible interest for defence in the case of the Imperials, and of possible disaster to the USS, this structure might very well feature in a future battle between the giants.

Slightly smaller, but no less of mecha goodness than their stompier counterparts, I finished up an Invader hunter-killer cadre: 

Little is known about the mysterious Invaders, save that they appear and disappear like ghosts all around the fringe. This cadre is no different.

The commander's unit is similar to previously observed versions, with slight variations in weaponry, carrying a missile pack in place of a energy weapon.

The remaining members are all identical to known units, save the distinctive colors of their units. 

The SADU of the Imperials have received reinforcements in response to increased reports of Invader activity on their borders:

The experimental EX-01 have been brought into limited production, given to particularly skilled pilots.

Similarly, the EX-02 have also completed it's prototype phase and is being delivered to shore up regular units.

New to the line is the EX-03. Still being evaluated, this mobile gun mech is being sent out with the other EX-units to undergo field trials against the Invaders and NTC.

The other week I had the beginning of a story forming in my mind, unrelated to the various mech projects I currently work on. When I hadn't manage to forget about this after a few days, I decided to pick out some models and paint them.

Now they are finished, and the first installment of a new Starport Scum adventure is set to begin:  

The three characters. Or in reality, the armor of one and the two characters in question.

Sgt. Pax Korbin, member of the Corvi Headhunters mercenary unit. He's only been with the unit for a few months, enough to get the hang of using a HARD suit when the unit is deployed to Vesta II.

Pax's Armor, an Mk III HARD suit. A old but reliable design, popular with planetary defence units and mercs. It's outclassed by more modern units, lacking anything but the most basic of AI, but availability and the ease of maintaining and training keep the MK III in widespread use.

The "Old man", one of the Headhunters' old hands. His name is Gibson Law, but no one ever calls him that. Veteran of many engagements and something of a luddite, the Old man puts his faith in experience and "good old-fashioned steel".

That's all I have for now, but a AAR should come before long, and I have a few more mechs in the works, but they need some decals before they are ready for the camera.

Til next time!


  1. Some great new terrain pieces Alex, lovely buildings, and interested to see how the Starport Scum storyline and characters, Pax and Gibson develops :-)

    1. Cheers, I just uploaded the first part of the Starport Scum adventure :)

  2. A bit of mystery on the Fringe. I like it :)

    1. Cheers, I hope that the adventure will turn out as interesting my previous ones!