Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Another go at Starport Scum

Only a week or so after my first game some of the rules were tweaked to better match the mechanics with the setting of the game, and so I had to give Starport Scum another go!

The single shot echoes through the valley and the small town. At the compound that serves as HQ for the town's guards, a man in a suit collapses as the bullet tears through him.

The mysterious sniper smiles as he gets ready to fall back, his mission accomplished.

Having spotted the sniper, the target's now unemployed bodyguard starts barkig orders to the local guards. Bullets and energy beams strike the snipers perch, forcing him to seek cover..

..But he is not alone. He'd hired a local band of farmers turned thugs-for-hire. They surge forward to cover his retreat, and with more luck than skill, manage to bring down a guard.

In a mere moment, the area outside the compound is turned into a battleground as guards and thugs engage in firefights. 

Through the smoke and confusion the bodyguard comes charging through, straight at the sniper.
His photon blades flashes as he lands blow after blow, forcing the assassin back and to his knees.

Grunting from the pain of several cauterized cuts by the energy blades, the sniper manages to raise his rifle and fire as he's forced to his knees. His aim skewed by having to dodge more attacks, his shot strikes the attacking bodyguard but misses the vital points he was aiming for. Both of them wounded, they nontheless struggle to their feet.

Outnumbered and outgunned, the thugs are starting to falter under the two guard units.

Taking the chance while still possible the sniper starts moving toward his extraction point.

Not willing to let his prey get away, the bodyguard sets out after him, firing his laser pistol as he goes. The sniper dodges as well as he is able, taking a few blasts to his armor, and returns fire with a small shard pistol, forcing the bodyguard to duck and roll to avoid the cloud of razor-sharp projectiles.

The last of his distraction gone the sniper is now alone, but close to his exfil.

In the shadows of a great rock, the bodyguard again catches up to his elusive prey. Photon blades singe the air as he strikes the sniper. Falling to the assault, the sniper seems defeated..

..But just as he is about to hit the ground, a stim-autoinjector floods his system with it´s payload. With a surge of adrenaline and amphetamines, he shoots towards the edge of his extraction zone.

The bodyguard curses under his breath as the mysterious assailant disappears from view. Who the frag was he? And how did he know that one of the big-wigs of the Stellar Traders Union would be here? That was just some of the many questions racing through his mind as he steeled himself for the unplesant conversation with his employers..

The tweaks made wonders, the gameplay shifted toward the heroic and the cinematic just like I had hoped!
It also has the added bonus of rewarding ganging up on the goons and using spray and pray tactics to set up deadly attacks too.

Now that I know that it'll work the way I hoped, I can start planning for future games and no less important, introduce the main protagonists of the adventures to come!

Til next time!


  1. Looks like great fun, but your characters need names! I think this is especially true playing at 6mm, when the distinctiveness of the individuals is easily lost.

    1. Thanks Robey! The regular crowd will have names, but these two are supposed to be a bit of a mystery for now. They will be named when/if the protagonists come across them.
      But you are right, it easily becomes confusing at this scale!

  2. Sounds like another fun game, have yet to try it out, love the developing back story :-)

    1. Cheers, I think you'll like it! I'm hoping I can come close to the success of the saga of Clarke this time around as well.

  3. Replies
    1. :)

      Now it really plays the way I hoped it would. This campaign should hopefully put the system through it's paces!