Wednesday, 28 October 2015

My first attempt at converting 3mm supertanks

I mentioned eariler that after reading/looking at BOLOs and OGREs, I got in the mood to make something similar myself.

Clearly both the CSA and their constant opponents, the Solar Bloc and the Outer Colonies, could use some huge warmachines to escalate their conflicts.

While these first units are very simple conversions, I already have plans for more specialized Mk II's and Mk III's..

But I'm getting ahead of myself, here they are, the Mk I Cybertanks:

Commissioned by the CSA when it became clear that the attempts at breakout by the OC were to be a longer conflict than originally projected, the New Hamburg factories started producing the Mk I. Previously mothballed due to budgetary constraints, the CSA brass has now approved the first unit for active field duty, to evaluate it's usefullness against the OC dissidents.

Armed with a 500mm plasma cannon main gun and missiles for all sorts of long range and indirect strike capabilities, the Mk I also sports no less than eight turret hard points that can be equipped with the buyers choice of weaponry. The CSA unit carries four each of lasers and coilguns, respectively.

Here are a few shots of the Mk I next to a CSA Chevalier MBT:

Unconfirmed reports coming from intercepted transmissions seem to indicate that the OC have managed to get ahold of a Mk I of their own. While the New Hamburg factories could theoretically have sold the weapon system to the Outer Colonies, it's considered unlikely by most senior intelligence officers that the OC high command could have afforded the cost of the unit, leading to wild speculation back on earth. 

 Recent imagery forwarded from a local operative does seem to support the claim, as a Mk I in OC colors have been seen in field exercises.

Attached are copies of the unit next to the standard OC tank unit :

(The surveillance equipment have since been sent for maintenace, to remove the foreign object from the lower left corner of the lens.)

With these two done, I'm all set for a game of Laserstorm in the near future! 
I'm also looking at bulking out the infantry units for my 6mm armies, so that full units of the NIJA and USS can take to the field as well. The USS have recently received a full three units of super heavies, to counter the NIJA Sohei tanks, more on those as soon as I get some paint on them!

That's all for today's update, til next time!


  1. Very nice work! The supertanks look great! What model serves as the base for them?

    1. Thank you for the kind words Ken!

      The models started life as Brigade models Neo-Soviet Mech Tank Hunters, from their 6mm SF range.