Sunday, 20 September 2015

T77/4 local flora and fauna pt.2 and the NTC 1st combat engineers

Since I felt like I let too much time pass since my last game in the Saga of Clarke campaign, I made sure to finish up the rest of the terrain for T77/4.
I have some ideas for local wildlife as well, but those might very well have to wait until the next story arc, whenever that occurs.

The second set of terrain pieces, including some new types!

A local bush, with a NTC trooper for scale. These will probably work well as 3mm forested areas as well.

Highly volatile, these local creepers are known as fire vines. Their name come from the highly combustible nature of the oil they secrete, as well as their coloration.

A few more beds of mega beets, with a trooper for scale.

More fungi being inspected by the combat engineer.


As you might have inferred from the title and the combat engineer used for scale reference, I've finished the second faction for my VOTOMS-style mecha game, the New Terran Commonwealth, or NTC.

The 1st combat engineers 1st squad, along with their attached bipedal weapons.

The Demon command mech is the first of it's kind deployed for field tests in a live combat zone. Equipped with advanced C&C electronics as well as a battery of rockets and a anti-armour laser, the Demon is not without teeth. 

One of the most common line trooper mechs around, the Sanada Heavy Industries Warrior is a tried and true mech. A solid all-rounder, the Warrior fills most of the ranks of the major powers, along with their sister models. Since most prototype units developed by the R&D units of various major militaries are only deployed to special units with focused task, the Warrior have enjoyed much success as a general purpose mech.  

The NTC combat engineers usually equip one of their Warriors with a rocket-pod for increased anti-armour capability. This comes in handy especially against the super heavy tanks of both the Union and the NIJA, some the NTC's main opponents in this sector of the fringe.

The engineers themselves carry short-barreled gauss or laser rifles and a hard-suit with all the latest hardware they can fit.

 In addition to the rifles, each squad is assigned a missile launcher with a variable loadout warhead.

More often than not, the squads include a plasma or beam rifle as well, since they are expected to fight enemy mechs and armored vehicles.

The NTC and the NIJA have been butting heads recently, and things might very well come to a head soon.

The 7th episode of the Saga of Clarke should be happening soon, so another chapter should be available in a few days.
I've been meaning to start work on some more 3mm stuff, and have suddenly gotten in the mood to play some with my 6mm fantasy models again, so we'll just have to see what's next!

Til next time!


  1. Great Flora Alexander, the colours work really well, look forward to seeing them all in a game.

    1. Thanks, I was hoping the colors would clash a bit with the background, and it seems they do well enough!