Saturday, 31 May 2014

Brigade Buildings

The desert-style buildings I got from Brigade models is now mostly finished, a few of the bigger ones are getting decals, or failing that, I might make a stencil for some instead..

But enough about that, here is the evidence of their almost-completion:

The whole set on a 2"x2" board, there is some blank spots, but I have plans for a road network, a parking lot for the lab and central structure and some other ideas bouncing around to fill it out.

 A few Close-ups of the 4 1"x1" sections, showing a little more detail..

More close-ups of the groups of buildings, trying to show off the detail of the models!

And there we are, a mostly finished Town! With the last few pieces I bought from Michael over at Angel Barracks, it should flesh out the city further. Now I need to make those promised roads and parking lots.. But next on the list is the timecast scatter terrain, for the upcoming battle! 

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